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Enter the Erotic Gay Asian Tickling Parlor. It is a kinky place of erotic sensual tickling fetish. Jacob Bantay enters the erotic tickling room where his cute gay Asian tickle masseur peels his robe off to reveal Jacob’s smooth hot muscular body. He lies down on the erotic tickling table and Vahn starts tickling him with feathers.

Giggles and quivers flow out of Jacob as the sensual tickling fills his senses. Vahn spends plenty of time delicately tickling the soles of his smooth Asian boy feet. We see that Jacob’s feet are wonderfully ticklish as the flinch and wiggle about. Vahn increases the sensations with his verbal “ticky ticky ticky” as his talented fingernails gently slide and scribble up and down Jacob’s oiled soles. Jacob’s cute smile and adorable giggling is a complete turn on. Vahn covers Jacob’s hot torso in oil and delicately tickles his six pack abs, making them quiver and flinch with every finger stroke. Vahn is so turned on by the end, he jerks off and shoots his cum all over Jacob’s hot muscular chest.

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